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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Title: Impact

I give into this moment
you're the only one who could turn this around
and with just one more breath, I could let go
I hear those voices and they're taunting me now
but nothing's going to wake me now

I'm a slave to your voice
your whisper the sweet sound
the reassuring heat from your lungs
I told myself that I'd love you, like it was the last time

Chorus: what we have become
show me what we could be eventually
and I know that you'll never leave
but there's still the lingering of mystery
and I take from you only what I need
and unlike you, I don't pretend to feel this way

please know that you're the only one
I distract myself from the brutal honesty
and I wrap my body around you
and unlike you, I don't pretend to feel this way


ending: until the end of time
I'm forever yours, and you'll forever be mine
and I will never go away, the ache of distance and the realisation of space
until the end of us
I'm forever yours
and you're forever mine

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