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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Title: Effortlessly

Hopelessly, all yours
effortlessly devoted
and to every word that you've outspoken
all this will ever be is what I can't afford
everything I own I give to you
each day I exhaust myself
hopelessly, all yours
effortlessly devoted

to run to you
I'd do it, as fast as I could
I'd make things right
to run to you
I'd do it, as long as it all kept you awake at night

Chorus: do you, ever?
do you, ever think about me?
you're carried in my veins
my heart's rhythm, to the voice of you
and I would like to keep you at peace
with words of silent beauty
letters I was never taught

I carry myself on weak bones
heavy heart, I trust my feet to get home
and I'd save you forever if I could
take this anger away and replace it with something good
sustainable laughter, for you
indestructible disaster, to you


ending: I manage to stray so close to you
the further I am the nearer you'll be
I manage to change myself for you
and hopelessly, I'm all yours
effortlessly, I'm devoted

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