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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Title: Underrated

I'm aware it's not my place to say
you and I, you and I
we've had much better days

it's colder in your soul than it is to say those words when I depart
you and I, you and I
we've had much brighter days

I'm ploughing through emotions
just to decide what's best for you
I'm hunting down every last outburst of devotion
just to hide inside of you

Chorus: Your eyes, they do me right
they do me well
I can't speak to you with words of wisdom
I might as well show you instead
and I'd wear you off just like a medal
placed upon my sleeve
just to be, just to be
in a place to say
in a safer haven
close to me

to hold your body next to mine
underrated feeling
to have you look into my mind
underrated reeling
and to kiss your lips to tightly
in a moment that's all mine
you and I, you and I


ending: to have you as mine, always
there could be no better ending

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