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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Title: I still care

We can be strong
I will be here
I will save you from the constant storm in your mind
I still care for you, forever and a day
whenever I'm not there for you
you're in a thoughtful haze
your kindness runs through my veins
and you cut so deep
and I still care for you

you move too fast for me
I keep on running
running after your non existent warmth
you're cold to the touch, you're colder than Winter air
and I still breathe you, I still breathe you in

Chorus: I'm the consumer of us
and we're not sustainable, we're no longer sustainable
the emptiness of being full
we're not satisfied, and we never will be
I awake in tangled covers
to the dull sight of you
and I could never know
I could never show you
how lost you are without me
and how I need to get away
from everything we'll never have

I keep my gaze upon you
your eyes steer close
and we have that moment
that we thought we'd lost


ending: I'm going to be alright
if you'll never be mine, mine
at least I'm aware now
I can stop seeking for love I will never find

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