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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Title: Need you

Lately you've left me laying in bed with a broken heart
and each time I've been falling, you left me in the dark
and it's without any warning, all these nights that I've cried myself to sleep
and how many nights, how many more times
will it take for me to show you?
will it take for me to prove my love?

in and out of phases
you're consistent
the ever growing love
the ever growing need for you

Chorus: A surge of reassurance
and I know you'll never leave me, again
I lost myself so many times in the depth of ourselves
but each time, and each time
I always had you
I always found you

I'm always waiting
waiting for you to show me
what it feels like to have something
to mean anything at all
I crave to know you better

colliding through similar thoughts
negativity lingers in every breath of mine
and your touch is always of pleasure
I crave to know you better


ending: and if this isn't love
then what is all this I'm feeling?
and if this isn't the need for your body
then what is all this I'm needing?

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