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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Title: Body to body

I get lost each day
looking into your mind
I navigate my hand over your body
I can't help but chance all that I have
I'd give anything for you to want me

back, back again
the feeling rushes in
back, back again
another moment to sink into

Chorus: my vessel carries nothing but love for you
and my ocean is tears I've cried, knowing I won't have you
I'm swimming through the currents of your veins
I'm trying to find a way out of your heart
and I'm drowning, and I'm drowning
so please don't leave me in the dark

body to body
this is all we'll ever be
mind to mind, a fantasy never to be seen
and I lust after your intelligence, darling
and I lust after your warm touch

to run my fingers through your hair
a small but significant moment
to hold your cold hands inside mine
a small but significant moment


I wrap myself up in thoughts of you
they're the only things that get me through the day
I shelter from the constant tears, in your haze
and I can't help but smile when I see your laugh
it fills me with delight, and warmth and such


ending: your laughter is my heroin
your smile is every toxin breathed in
and I will exhaust myself
until you see it's me no longer there

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