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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Title: A big if

We spoke, of everything that felt right
we both know we were not right
unstable, I hold your worries close to me
I let your veins be able to breathe
and I loved, the way you look at me
and I miss, the stories we could have been

you're a little brave,
a little brave, sweetheart
a little brave, a little brave

Chorus: I'd promise you the world
if you'd be mine,
I'd give you all I have and more
I'm in debt to my emotions
I've taken them out for you
and I'll show you all I have to share
if you'd be mine

I'd stroke your hair so softly
I'd hold you to my skin
I'd kiss you with words that I could never breathe out
I let go of past love
to be yours
but do you even know how I feel?

you're a little brave,
a little brave, sweetheart
you're a little brave
a little brave, sweetheart


ending: I'd pull the moon down to earth
I'd make the starts shine brighter
if you'd be mine
if you'd be mine

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