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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Title: Staying

I don't want to rush this
but I want you to stay
I'd give all that I could give
to make your day

just to see your smile
it turns my body upside down
and you know now, you know now
what you've found, here
is a love that you can keep
I am yours, always

Chorus: wrap me up so tightly
secure in safe havens
a bay of words that linger around my head
wrap me up tonight
in your skin
and I'll love you, love you, always

you kiss me so softly
words cannot comprehend
you fill me up with confidence
and fear
what if you go away?
what if I become too much for you, to handle?


ending: and to leave your arms
I can't think of a worse situation
and to not have you with my tonight
I'd be lost, and lonely baby

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