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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Title: Across the sea

We're a thousand miles apart
but your mind lingers so close to me
and I've wished for your hands to hold
and I can barely sleep at night
knowing you're awake somewhere
it slowly tortures me
but I still, I still, I still care for you

and I'd hope that you would think
the same about me
all of these feelings sink beyond my feet
and I'm settled here, but not without you
not without you

Chorus: I can't keep pretending
that everything's alright
when you're not by my side
I'm still lonely
I long to kiss your skin, to stay with you through cold nights
and I'd wrap you tightly around my body
you're my delight

The amount of times I've said
love is not worth it
I've just pushed away you, from me
I can't help it,
you're the one
but you're miles away
across the sea


If I could bring you to me
if I could take you home
if this is all that we will be
at least I have known
what a great man
what a great smile


ending: oh please, darling
don't turn out the light
I will be waiting
waiting in the darkness
to save you
from the storm in your mind

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