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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Title: Leading light

full of emptiness,
words you said could never be needed more than now
and I can see it on your face
you carry your heart so well
your eyes pierce straight through me
and I can see, I can see, I can see right through

I'm not good enough, not good enough for you
these are the new beginnings, everything we thought we'd ever be
and I know, I know you'll never be
my lover, my leading light in the darkest of rivers

Chorus: you'll be wishing you never found all that stays deep inside of me
and I don't want to hide beneath
in doubt and fear of what could be
and I'd run the furthest away from here
home was never when you were near me

all the shadows that linger over my body
all the want for you
and the need dries out my skin and my bones are left there for your eyes to see
and I want you to know, you'll never be my lover
never be a friend of mine
but these secrets are too late to find
and it's in your mind I wish to hide


ending: and I'd run
I'd run to you if I could
if I wanted I would be
I would be your leading light

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