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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title: Unaware. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

My mouth twisted tightly as I tried to be the one,
and I constantly assume I'll never be good enough, I'm just a shadow of the sun
and I'm forever wondering, forever wanting you

a new shade upon your lips as the light it leaves your eyes,
I'm a physical reminder of everything you miss about her,
but I try, to make your heart beat fast, to make you happy

a month has passed, but I'll never return to a healthy state of mind,
a thousand knives are carried heavily in my thoughts as you spit words from your tongue,
and I'll never be, never be the one

Chorus: If I disappeared into the night, would you find me?
would you come and pack my fears and my worries tightly in your arms
and if you could like me, not for what I am but for everything that I could be
would you find me? would you find me?

and you've nothing to declare,
with your distant heartfelt stare
but you're clearly unaware of all the surrounding disasters,
and with a swift move of your body,
I follow you wherever you go,
but you don't know me,
you don't know me anymore

and I believed that even if you were all that I had, I'd be happy
I'd be happy,
but did you mean it when you said those words,
did you mean it when you felt unnerved at the sight of my hips, the sight of everything I'm not


and I'll never ask again,
I'll never push the barriers that you never let me in,
a deep and dark encounter, my patience was always wearing thin,
I showed you everything that I could never show myself

ending: and if I took my life to stay inside your head,
would you find me? would you soak me in happiness
a feeling that I never let in

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