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Monday, 21 May 2012

Title: The sore boy. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

It's the corners of your lips,
the folds of sadness you bite upon,
you take the bitter bait,
washed away with the tide,
you're long gone
you're long gone

your mind left you here,
in an open state,
vulnerable to fear,
you waste away,
and your'e still so,
still so, beautiful
in your own repulsive way

chorus: compare me, to others,
watch me fall and disintegrate,
I say I don't care,
the words you speak so freely
pierce my brain,
and I'm stood still,
in awe of your pain
a chaotic lover,
you're all the same

It's the way you hold yourself,
like I'm to blame,
a heart upon your shelf,
I'm still the same,
preserve me in your love,
I'll stay the same,
preserve me in your warmth,
I'll freeze the frame

I know you've been hurt before,
cause the ways in which your hurting now leave you sore,
and you're never missed, never missed at all
and you long for her kiss, her touch, the roughness of her hands
and I know you've hurt before,
but it was all pretend


ending: an encounter to your surprise,
your face shows no remorse,
the pores upon your skin,
leak nothing but affection,
but you're frozen from within,
seeking more attention,
but you'll never, never
pick up any luck with a body held so sorely

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