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Monday, 14 May 2012

Title: Mind > Matter. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And you're all that I think about late at night,
when the tears stroll down and I'm wearing the face of freight,
yet you told me so many times,
we'd turn out alright

and our love simmered down as I saw she was better than me,
the physical attraction you so commonly see,
it's lust, not a matter of affection

chorus: and does she make you happy faster than I could?
does she give you everything you ever wanted?
but I am what you need,
the shoulder to cry on the heart to rely on,
but the warmth was never good enough for you

the soul you so surely seek,
has never been too far away,
but the confidence you have sometimes makes you weak,
vulnerable once you turn your back

dreaming upon a star,
so one day I can reach your witty smile,
dreaming on a wish,
on a boat so far away,
I lost track of yesterdays blues

and I never know what I want, what I need
but you've so subtly gave it to me,
and I hate the way you teased me
I was so lonely but I'm alright


ending: And a bittersweet remorseful love,
an ending I'd never thought of,
no words ever come from your mouth,
the sadness bites hard on your eyelids

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