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Monday, 14 May 2012

Title: Where you left me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And where did you leave me?
cold and naked on your bedroom floor,
and I said I'll be yours to keep,
even when both our strengths become weak,
and did you mean to leave me?
and your actions never speak louder than your honest words

is it that physical line where your body meets mine,
as the night falls into our arms,
is it the scent of this lust, wrapped around our hearts
causing unconditional harm

chorus: and when you're all that I care about, darling
I want to melt, melt, melt, melt into you
and I used to wander through,
all the demons in your darkness,
and when you're all that I care about, darling
there's no need for these constant echoes
I've never seen anything like it,
and your heart is ever so regal,
it falls from the sky
falls for many people in many ways

and I better go
there's so much more to you that I should know,
and you're playing with my mind,
playing so I can find you

you don't wanna go out,
I don't want to stay in,
commence another petty argument,
the walls breaking within,
you look but you don't see,
you hear but you don't listen,
your gentle eyes subtly glisten,
and it's all just a game
this constant division


ending: And it's the constant provider,
of everyone that you so sorely miss,
and there's a tear in your eyes,
but there's no emotion from within,
and it's that constant division,
the fear of new love setting in

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