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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Title: Underlying love. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I see things that you can't ever feel,
oblivious to sudden rushes of love, never enough to fill
the dark and empty space in your mind

and with your eyes shut tight of course you cannot see,
but with the everlasting difference of love and lust,
is this really home in your heart?
home in your heart?

Chorus: and why can't you want me,
like some other people do?
they stare at me whilst I stare at you,
I'd like to have you for one moment whilst you're here
I crave your touch but the feelings long gone,
heads turn as your gaze flickers like gold,
why cant you want me? I crave you

and all this is,
is our memories collaborated under a youthful chaos,
and all we'll ever be,
are two people struck under lust,
weighed down with loves worries

tender timing, you got so wrong
the words you breathe so lightly tell me different,
I don't need to feel your touch to know what it is you desire,
and these are all the places where we used to go,
we belonged there together when the night set low


and I'm pulling down these faces from my wall,
in hope of grasping something, someone new
and I know that I belong here, but the days they get awfully lonely
and I'm stuck here, struck by the gaze in you

the nights are really lonely,
when your breath no longer presses upon my skin,
and the way you held me so tightly,
the way I was when I was with you,
better, in a positive view


ending: And I know that I belong here,
frail and weak after calling your name,
I'd beg to see your fading smile,
and I know that I belong here,
an everlasting flame

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