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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Title: Crave. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I didn't want your kiss,
I didn't want your kiss,
I wanted your heart, love

This is all too much,
you're too cold to touch,
a swift tender rush,
and it's never anything that we craved

Chorus: And the tears you made, they're slowly drying
and I'm still sad inside, at the realisation that our lust is dying
and I never wanted your kisses, although they were quite lovely
they weren't close to what I craved

and at the beginning, we thought we were winning lucks race,
we found each other, fell into another upon the dark,
and would it be okay if you just stayed?
only for a while?
only until it no longer hurts inside

and in the shallows, the shallows of your mind
oceans never felt deep enough for the both of us to drown,
my worries weigh heavy on your heart, but you brush them off with a scent of arrogance
and I'm sprawled beautifully bare in the covers of everything we were


and they say only speak kind words,
and how can you expects butterflies if you're constantly killing caterpillars?
your mind it worries me, the paranoid beginnings of our troubles that we left in the sun

ending: and it back fires, in the shadow of your light
a distanced surprise lays upon your face, you barely shine bright anymore
and it's hidden in your lies, the grain of truth
and it's depth over distance
but you're mind's run away

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