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Monday, 21 May 2012

Title: Say the right things Written By:Eleanor Diplock

There's a fire in your heart,
an essence I can't quite describe,
it's darkness leaks for any soul,
if I had another chance, with you,
I'd say all the right things and do what you want me to

I feel ever so light when I'm by your side,
but by your side is where I'll never be,
oh and I'm stuck here,
hopelessly wanting you,
and hopelessly wanting you to come and stay,
where I remain, under cover, under cover

You're afraid of the nights ahead,
shyly hold your body right,
you could of called me the one,
but I'll never be enough,
rough around the edges, it's always too much

I feel so light, when I'm by your side
my darkness lingers in your mind,
I'll talk of future love,
an emotion we'll never encounter,
the buzz, the light, burns for us
and you're still afraid of tonight

have another, if I had another
chance with you,
I'd say all the right things and do what you'd want me to do

and you could of held the sun down, and you could of pulled the stars close
but you'll never be by my side,
so why do I still hope, for you?

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