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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title: A night with you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

It's how your eyes glisten,
when the daylight hours give up on us,
it's the way your mouth it listens,
it never speaks of any unknown love

you're something wonderful,
something I've never come across before,
a sudden abundance of fear, each time I look into your mind
and there's nothing left to say
when we lay there together, beautifully broken

Chorus: and we hope for something beautiful,
as we hold onto one another's skin,
it's a sense of euphoria, holding on
you went from him, to being you
that night you told me the truth
that night there was a bit of me inside you

and a little smoke will never destroy you,
intoxicated alone you feel the night blues,
and I'm stuck invisible beside you,
your face it shows your sadness,
but your hands they lead girls through the darkness
and a little smoke will never destroy you

and I have two shadows,
one's for me and one's always for you,
it's as close as I'll ever be to everything you've become,
and I have two shadows,
one's for brighter days and the other for nights of lonely sorrow
a night with you


This isn't anything like how you are,
parallel lines won't ever meet, us
I find you hidden, bare in the darkness
and I wrap you with my soul

ending: and this will destroy you, love
and remorse for other feelings weighs heavy on you, heavy on your mind
a weight that no strength can life,
but the lightness of lust it brings you back to happiness,
a night with you

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