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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Title: Expectations Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm falling deeply through dark and lost spaces,
cold air replaces all the familiar faces,
where have you been hiding lately?
I miss you being around

And when we were younger,
we ruled this world we created,
we stood so tall, and now that we're lonely
we've lost all the patience and creativity
so would you take me home please?

chorus: another lost lover,
thrown upon lusts rocks,
a tide she's never used to,
and you whine that you've been through a lot
and this isn't a regal affair,
it's about a matter in which you just don't care
you push aside all the priorities you should of thought about,
and this isn't a regal affair,
it's lusts rock and lovers disappointment
and your cold piercing stare

and would you like her any better if her skin was pale and her body so light?
and would you like her any better if she stayed the night?
it's all a matter of what you think is alright,
and it's all a matter of your opinion,
the crucial decider for everything that's not right

you've so many doubts,
you kill the caterpillars yet expect so many beautiful butterflies,
it's all about your frozen yet beautiful stare,
the daze and dream inside your eyes


what do you really think?
I doubt you'd even ever feel?
your state of mind numbs all the girls you'll ever stay the night with,
and that's all you see them as, that's all you believe in

it's a hierarchy of your expectations,
and if only, if only
you had any warmth,
you turn me away,
because I didn't ever stay
and is that truly alright?


ending: And you expect it to all fall in your lap,
the wisdom you most certainly lack,
you make up for it in your beautiful gaze,
the gaze that is starting to fade away

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