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Monday, 21 May 2012

Title: One Day Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I linger for you as I watch this defeat,
the lust in her eyes makes you fall at your feet,
how pretty her face but how ugly her soul,
but you're oblivious, you don't know it at all

and you say it's all a matter of perspective,
but you're a fool, you're the fool
and you say it doesn't matter when you left it,
but we know you do, it hurts you too

yet you said you'd be there when I thought you meant it,
but broken and used, I'm lost through you,
and kind words you said were never really effective,
I thought you knew, you made me blue

Chorus: And one day you'll find a bitter love,
a person who makes your heart beat fast,
with a brush of her hand and the taste of her lips,
and take her softly by the hand,
lead her into a new love
she's been here before,
felt it from a different view

and when I said no you said you don't mind,
but I see your brain working over time,
running through what you did wrong,
the words that left me wanting more,
so sorely missed from the breath within your lungs

an abundance of luck, you fear the call
she's been waiting for you, waiting all along
hiding in the dark, her body presented for you,
maybe this time you'll discover something new,
a body your mind loves too


ending: And don't you worry,
I'll be right here,
waiting in the dustiest corners of your mind,
for when the short felt love is over,
and I briefly appear in good time

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