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Monday, 21 May 2012

Title: Two bodies (never enough) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Is this all that we are,
when we lie side by side,
two ageing bodies,
ageing with the lies,
pretentious love,
it found us here,
the covers swept away,
with all our fears

I was always very worried,
at what you'd say,
when I took off my clothes,
you looked away,
you left me there,
cold and naked,
staring into stars,
wishful thinking

Chorus: for you, to come back
to stay,
to love,
to come back,
and I'd love and hope and wish
you were the one
but you never fail to leave me,
when the sun come sup
and the day has finally begun

I fear to sleep, to dream, to wish
my mind ties demons down from my eyes to my hips,
and I bite the bait, I grasp onto your ways,
never let them go, but I'll always fade away

bodies in the water look so nice,
a lighter way to enjoy life,
but when I'm miserable, miserable with you
you take the pale shade and scratch me till I'm blue
brand new, for you,
still not enough
brand new, for you,
was my love big enough?


Ending: was my body never quite enough?
the lasting satisfaction fills you up,
but it's the coldest of breaths, and the sharpest of words
that linger in my clothes when I wake,
and the emptiness I don't deserve

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