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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title: Nobody (call my own) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I have nobody to call my own,
wayward love leave me alone,
the truth it sets within my soul,
wayward love lead me back home

and I'm stuck with a persistent space, my own
in dreams I've hoped that you're the one
a simple word whispered from your tongue lingers on my skin,
fragile love of my own, lust breaks within

and I doubt that I need saving,
and I doubt that you're behaving,
the tender words I've longed to say,
they shatter my soul

Chorus: Gentle lust, turn into love
and with a wish for luck,
into your arms, I'd hope I'll fall
a conversation led by a foolish man,
oh with you it's never too much,
and with you I'll always listen,
because I'm none the wiser than you were before

It's the look in your eyes,
before you leap,
it's the fear of goodbye,
before you sleep,
and you're afraid of waking up,
when you're world is torn apart by your mind
that fragile mind of yours

and it's the way you dismiss my emotions,
as if they're dragging you down,
and it's the way you fear the motion
of the buzzing city life


and it's all hidden in your magic look,
the touch you stray from my skin,
and it's all a matter of competition,
for better or for worse, I'm in

ending: It's a simple yet complex situation,
the devastating wait for him,
and it's all a matter of how much patience I've consumed,
as I watch you cut my skin.

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