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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Title: Repeat

These are the tears before bedtime
the constant echo for improvement
and I wish I could do better for you
you deserve so much more
the hunger for fulfilment weeps through you
and I'm the only one left to hold you
the only one who truly cares
the unrequited body

I'm searching for the unknown
and I know it won't make me happy
oh, what I'd give to be satisfied

Chorus: Are you here?
I'd do it all again
and I'm so breathless when you call my name
it's hard to believe that my heart is yours
you've got what you came for, darling
so leave me, someone to love
give me the devotion I've fought for
the battles I've won and lost
the scars I carry linger in the pain I grow

although I left you there sleeping
you know I dare not break this silence
I cut through atmospheres with words of cold depths
and it's knowing what I want
what can I say when you're the one who keeps me breathing?


ending: I was never good with words
my tongue always twisted at the sight of you
and I hope you knew all along
are you here? I'd do it all over again
give me the devotion I've fought so hard for

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