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Friday, 1 June 2012

Title: In our entirety Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You've the intentions, which I so sorely crave for
you've the mind and soul that produces such wonderful creations
and when I think of you,
I picture us together,
when I think of you,
my mind runs dry,
but my mouth makes rivers

And what I'd do,
for a day to prove to you,
that it's not just about the physical attraction,
teach me things I already know,
love me, love me so

chorus: And by the end of the night,
we'll hold each other tight,
in fear of letting go,
you're the reason why I care,
of why I didn't show any love before
a natural disaster, love is here

I never asked you to leave,
I never pushed us away,
I buried my mind under the stars,
that's where we'll stay

I'm shit at writing love songs,
always will be,
but I can't quite describe,
what's happening to me,
your voice, your lips, your cologne
stir my mind and heart,
into your own
your voice, your lips, your cologne,
stir my mind into your heart,
never left alone


talk to me, as we fall
count on me to be the fool that loves you,
talk to me, as we fall
keep your promises,
as your wise words are my only call

ending: I'm bitter, inside
the touch of your hands leaves me oh so surprised,
you show bare affection,
in it's raw entirety, that's how we'll be forever and day

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