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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Title: Where will I lay. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The bitterness inside your eyes,
leads me back home to where I got by,
your lips, the lights go dim on us tonight, tonight, tonight
and we touch through the coldness of our hands
the lingering sense that we often demand

we're strangers, we don't know each other
and what we want, what we'd like
close together, is how we spend our days
hesitating the fling of every word we say
hand in hand, never apart
miles closer now, forever waiting somehow

chorus: Throw me across the water,
lay my body down to finally rest,
when I'm with I'm never what you expected,
and I'm never improving, you pluck my heart and fool it
fix me up and I'll fall straight down
you know this too well

Will you ever find me if I get lost in your mind?
seeking the corners where memories lie
and I'll, try to forgive the past
but with you near it's getting so hard
oh, oh oh I'll wait in the dark
oh, oh oh I'll wait

The desperate times I have craved your kiss,
the sweet sensation I rarely miss,
through your tangled arms, is where I'll lie
I'd rather be with you tonight, is that alright?


ending: And oh, oh oh
I'll never be what's expected of me
and oh, oh oh
I'll wait, for you, constantly

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