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Friday, 13 July 2012

Title: Let go (I can't). Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I suppose you've been wondering where I've been lately
I tried to seek the light from within
I'd like to come over, tell you I have a thing for you
and that I can't let this go
I'm in a daze from your presence, you see
I'd like to come back to let you know, I've got feelings for you and I can't shake them off

You never find what you imagine to be,
what I'll never do or be expected of
I'll never give up
in my eyes you're so abused
the verbal comparison thrown against your pale skin
a phase you're used to

Chorus: I came back to let you know
I've got many things to tell you
feelings for you, that I can't let go
won't let go of
I only want the best for me and you
the things I do for you are never noticed by wise eyes
the things we do for love, we won't give up

There's a stranger sight inside my mind
you've wondered where I've been
pushing the darkness away from within
the veins I wear pour nothing but depths of honesty
the feeling we both intertwine in this love, you see
I'm in a phase, from your love you see
you provide me a feeling that I can't let go of
I won't let go

People say they'll never find what we have
but what is it that we have that is so desirable?
we're the desirables, so the fools speak of
in this world we're so abused
but in my eyes you're loved and used
you wonder what's wrong with me
in a daze, a constant haze of lust
sprinkled in light colours of affection


ending: I can't let go
I won't believe the feelings I have for you
do for love, be for love
we try everything, we won't give up

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