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Friday, 13 July 2012

Title: Devotion, need. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

give me love and devotion
feelings I have for you, deeper than the ocean
I complain that you're not the one, but
in my mind you're constantly around

shift shape, I'll change for you
better ways, you used to be so close to me
everything we did happened so casually
life with you is almost a dream
except we're nowhere near perfection
oh what a state to be

Chorus: I need your devotion,
your acknowledgement
I need your love until I'm full enough
find me a way to bring us back again
you say you want me to love, but do you want it enough?
I'm not like any other
I've never let anyone in
I need your devotion
don't leave me in this state, do you want me enough?

are you into me, or are you running away
either way I'd hope to see you in the light of day
you're ashamed of the physical definition of everything you are
but I crave your devotion
I need your devotion

I'm a thousand seas away
and your the tide that I barely get to lay with
you push me back to shore
to better things, away, coming back for more, forever
your the ship that sank to the bottom of the sea
from the words of the rough waves that I consistently breathe


ending: I need your devotion
can you give it to me?
I need your emotion
can you free it, for me?
I need your devotion
am I all that you see?

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