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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Title: Let them know that. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

To be considered breathing, doesn't mean you're alive
the words that slip from your mouth, you're the only person to hear
let them know that
you're not afraid of the deepest memories that surrender to the darkness around your eyes
let them know that

All that I need is everything that I'm giving away to you
you take me by my hand
take me places I won't ever go
you take me by the hand
show me places I won't know
and you love to say all the things you can never do
that's me and you
me and you

Chorus: All of this falls down,
to just the two of us
moving in our woeful ways
the simple steps that push us back
did you hear that? I'm going to waste
all of this, the downfall of us both
it relies on the two of us
let me know that

You see past the skin I wear
you're not afraid
the darkness around my eyes, it disappears
whenever you call my name
the lingering breath that smacks my skin
you're not afraid to get close to me
even close is all I need
you and me
that's you and me


ending: let them know that,
this is everything we are,
the light hits our fragile bodies
and we finally feel home
rested in the peace of each others contact
body to body, let them know that

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