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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Title: Link. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

There's a fire in your heart, a place I cannot quite describe
your souls so dark it burns the light
there's a demon in your eyes, a thing I can't describe
but everytime I look inside you're empty
and everytime I look inside you're empty

There's fire in your eyes, a place I cannot quite prescribe
any medicine that will help clear your soul from demons, monsters, through it all through it all
treat me like a sister, treat me like a foe
life's too short to not take a risk, just break and fall
fall down like I know you can

chorus: and so I'm waiting for the day we're cured
from all the madness that reaches my core
I hope one day you'll fade away
but I know this day has come now but I'm not ready
no I'm not ready

there's no added guilt, you're never too much
lusting for you, it's always enough, to get me through
the deepest, the darkest, the bitter thoughts
that submerge my mind
there's no added guilt, you were and never will be mine

If this is life in colour, take me back to dull days
every direction I look in I see your face in deeper shades
and it makes me think back to when I was useful and worth something
it was nice to see you again
my friend I've loved you dearly


ending: attachment, easy to make harder to break away
the chains that link us to our graves, pull us back to safety
attachment, easy to make harder to break away from
hold me back, pull me down to safety

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