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Friday, 13 July 2012

Title: I'm full of sickness, I guess this is lust. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm full of nausea, I guess this is lust
the strangest feeling that I've forever desired
the look of your lips, the way your eyes flicker when we touch
you didn't want me to see when you crept in silently
you're in the corner of my mouth, hiding away from the promised way to lie tonight

we're so distant, this echo is over in a distant
you're exactly what I need
the fire burns bright inside our attraction tonight
I've been having the oddest feeling
the acknowledgement of reeling in, the both of us
through the cuts and scars of my heart

Chorus: I tend to hide away, hide away
from each and every word you say
I try to forget these nights
where my body next to yours feels oh so right
I can be everything, for sure
you can cut right deep into my heart
I'm full of sickness, my flesh weeps remorse, I guess this is lust

I'm running, running
out of feelings to blame
for the depths of my lungs
filled with such shame
you drive me to a thousand tears
through our silent years, that kept me hear
I'm running, running
out of feelings to blame

I'm lost again,
when you're around I want you now
I never want to leave you
I'm lost again
in the thickness of the height I have to fall
the scars I wear on my bones are for you to own


ending: I'm full of nausea, I guess this is lust
you keep me wanting, everything I've ever feared
through the touch of your hand my skin crawls on my skeleton
would you hold my hand on the edge, so gently here
pull me closer, no one can find us
I'm lost again
when you're around, I want you now

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