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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Title: Let Go. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We were searching for you
but you already know
you're letting us go
the sadness lingers and goes
your made from the pain and it glows
through the darkness it shows
could you have turned into the chaser of your dreams and all they could be?
as difficult as this is, is this just a simple situation?
to let go

we want to find our own way,
we've got no rules for this game,
you cheat attention when you just want to be
continue your passion through the sharp and cold ways that you provide
to every skin you come in contact with

Chorus: One day you'll have to learn to let go
soon you'll have to let me know
everything I never was, watch me through the world that you know
push aside all your expectations of me
wash away the tide where my bones grow
anywhere you go
I'll be there
take a look at us now, not so long ago I was a empty vessel just like you

shaking covers just to be in your head
there's no other way to creep under your skin
I crawl in your veins, hang off your bones, thin
shaking covers just to be in your mind
for a moment, for you to remember how to feel anything at all


ending: And you will learn to let go
to let us know
and this is just a simple situation
soon you'll be the chaser and be bled dry until your dreams show
I'll hang from your mouth, inside the words you never say
I'll let go

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