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Monday, 16 July 2012

Title: What we're made of. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Maybe we'd be alright
if we put a stop to all this
we both want something of our own
and I've been known to want so much
it's about time we stopped
before my mind starts sinking
into the thickness of your blood

we spend our days walking
but we never seem to seek too far
my tongue holds boundaries in which we're talking
I want to see how much you care
I want to see what you can be
you, make it easy for yourself
make it easy for me to want to know you better

Chorus: I want to see what we are made of
push past the doubts in the droughts of your hometown
we can see past the things that hold us back
together we'll be, everything we could of ever imagined, together
I want to see what we are made of
you and I, eternally intertwined through the lack of priorities and care

and if love doesn't live here,
why are we so eager to remain in this rut
we built ourselves an escape made of dust
we're always trapped
but our imagination sets us free
something no wise man could ever feel
everything that we have been, together

you say that you don't want me anymore
but we both know that you're lacking all the truth
I can see it beyond your eyes, through the doors to your soul
I have a way with you
waiting for an answer, I can feel your heartbeat
I need another chance to be near you
I'm still hanging on, for what?
I'll see through you, I'll become see through for you
no rest until we're two


Ending: we embrace each other with a bitter smile
the coldness of our hands, they meet for a while
when you're lying next to me, with your eyes that close to me
hijack my mind, I can feel you breathe inside my core
you say you don't know what you want anymore
but we've now seen everything we want to be
don't you feel free? tell me you're with me

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