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Monday, 16 July 2012

Title: Longing to run. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You are longing to run, longing to run
all the single words that kept you here
but you never wanted to leave
you doubt yourself a thousand times to feel like you've lost it all
you keep yourself alive, but you're barely breathing

I'll never be coming back,
but with you I always want more
the more you push me away the closer I feel to you
and it's starting to show
you're never going to move, you stay motionless
fear the daylight shining upon your brittle bones

chorus: I'm still dancing on my own,
small steps without you
they never get me far
I'm still dancing on my own
I, with these eyes only see you
you keep me longing to run, longing to run
into brighter and better days
where there's always a sweet lasting haze

these feelings are all so unknown
with you my body lays until my mind has fully grown
you and I come together every time
we know that for the next few hours everything will be alright
from the outside everyone must be asking us why
we don't know why, we're the wildest and the greatest
in our impulsive moments run by our foolish passions


ending: You keep me longing to run, longing to run
yet still, here I am, dancing on my own
I'm still dancing on my own
small steps, forever without you

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