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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Title: (n)everlasting. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

flushed face, you're ashamed
from the consistent provider of your lies
through the misconceived tranquility of your eyes
I don't care, what you may have to say
it's just a sound, that buries me once again

batter my mind with every action you take,
you can't see how you are to blame,
in your eyes you're such a delicate creature
and that's the shame

Chorus: It never lasts, satisfaction
hard to find hidden under the covers of previous lust
it never lasts, happiness and distractions
we're the ones that never stay the night
occupied with the desire to be seen in daylight
it never lasts, the satisfaction

you're my first, my second, my everlasting other
I've never wanted you and your words so hard before
it's the first, the first time to be surrounded by your arms
it's the first, the first time to be wanted by any other

still, you can't see
what's occurring in my pitiful mind
if you cannot see what's happening how am I to know you're any wiser than I?
still, you can't see
us, this, what's going on


ending: You're always better in my mind,
and if you can't see what's going on
I've never felt so right but my heart tells me we're wrong
I won't listen, I never do
I'll be the pretty fool that you love me to be

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