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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Title: Layers of you and me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Do I exist only in your memories
the painful remorse lies in your heart
do I only exist when you forget me, forget me
I swim against the current of your soul
weeping from hunger, from your hands that once fed me
do I only exist inside your mind? the tiny part in which you try to hide

redemption of my body, of my all
I crave to be better for you
to live in a world that doesn't expect too much
they call dreamers the fools

Chorus: sidelines, sidelines
forever wanting, craving, fearing your presence
waiting, in the shadows of your skin
creep upon me, touch my body like you used to
sidelines, sidelines
non existent intertwining of worlds, then I hit rock bottom, alone

layers of you and me hang from my bones
I'm hungry for home, wherever you are
peel my skin back show me how to feel a little more than what we had
peel my skin back, show me we're both the same
never aware how much you meant to me
until the day arose where you were no longer in my bedsheets


ending: I never regret how we were so significant to another
the coldness of your touch I could only wish I never collided with your skin
redemption of my body, of my soul
I crave to be better for you
I crave and waste for you
in another world

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