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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Title: Realisation. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The concept of hope slips through your fingers,
foolishly I hold onto you
you've kept me waiting in the silence
it speaks as softly as you move
when I leave my body for the sky
I hope the wait will be worth it

We were never alive, combined
always motionless, deserted
so drag me back to broken nights
where the youth was worth it

You tell me to come down from the sky
why don't you calm the fuck down?
have you never imagined, or ever dreamt?
of what forever feels like, show me

chorus: A skip of faith in your arms,
skim the stone across my empty body
flat I lay in the sidelines
waiting for you to realise
to come back for me

I scrub my skin as guilt washes away
I wish I'd never been to blame, for my selfish ways
I carry my body like it's a burden
I wait for you to come and save me, from my mind


ending: And you've been the one who left me
you will always be the one
hold me and learn to be, kind
together we can try to be enough

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