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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Title: For him, he who doesn't know it yet. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I noticed you
from the corner of my eye
your certain allure
it capsized my mind inside
You stood with such flaws
fascinated by them all
beautiful ways for a bundle of a spring haze
you appeared to be looking right through me
sensing my passion through your eyes,
you seemed to send me positive vibes

I've seen you in my dreams
as strange as it might seem,
you're always there,
I've read you in my thoughts
a fool to analyse it deeply
but you're

Chorus: so lovely,
to have noticed me,
standing on my own with a bottle of beer,
so lovely,
to have talked to me
when I was almost in a state of fear
and I hold my head high in hope of seeing you
again some day
and I hold my head high as well as my mind
fondness with you

I'm over thinking,
every word you say,
a hurricane blew it all away
you're the gravity that holds me down
A star in the sky I wish for you
to come and find as you do
in your own time


I could sit down and stare at you
but you'd be so beautiful, beautiful but oblivious
a pretty girl in the room, you're gaze differs from a previous tune
and I'm cold stone sober


Ending: So baby,
please take your time,
I'm hesitant as to whether you'll ever be mine,
be mine

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