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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Title: You've, You're. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I know you're not coming back
I tried to hold you down
but you let me go
I know that deep down you're trying
to be closer to anything
you were always down for it
but now you're getting away from the feet your running with

You're giving me the sharpest stare,
the coldest clothes to wear,
your words they linger around my chest,
you're giving me the bluntest care,
like you could only wish I was never here
you'd never take a second glance if I told you to

Chorus: You're not being yourself
you've too many worries weighing down your heart
You're just a book upon the shelf,
used and abused and left until the wealth pours in
and your heart it pours out
whatever you've done
I'll forgive you
just let me know
I told you so

Wrap yourself around my heart,
hold onto me and we'll never be apart,
you're forever wondering what we could become
but for now let us live and let die all the love we never numbed


Ending: You're the coldest of hearts
and you've the bluntest of ways
Did your mother never teach you how to behave?
You've the coldest of hearts
You're the bluntest of ways
Did your mother never teach you how to misbehave?

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