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Friday, 13 January 2012

Title:nostalgia By: Eleanor Diplock

Pressured to feel this way,
I'm all alone, nostalgia
you fill my bones, with pleasant hazes

I'm all on my own in this world, nostalgia
I fear I could fall away into a world where I'm invisible

I hold my head up high,
but my mind it stoops so low,
I thought I'd let you go,
it's easier than saying those letters I don't know the meaning of
the meaning of,

chorus: I'm in over my head,
you get under my bed,
the sheets they cover us for now,
but once they're pulled away
we're raw and vulnerable

I told you to keep me safe
put my heart on a plate
put my heart on plate
I told you to keep me safe
put my head on your weight
put my head on your weight


Wrapped around your heart
I hold distant gazes
distant faces pass me by and I'm
stuck in nostalgia

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