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Friday, 13 January 2012

Title: Carry my soul. By: Eleanor Diplock

You carry my soul into the night
you reassure me let me know I'll be alright
I bend down at my knees,
I'm just begging you please
don't let me waste away
into the summer haze
where things are beautiful
once more

chorus: I go weak at my knees for your love, I beg please
you're the answer to my problems,
the air I ought to breath,
I could hold you down for days,
release my anchor, sail away
into a sea of emotions, love, love

Hopeless, I'm
helpless to you,
wrapped around your finger,
intertwined into your blues,
I feel at rest I feel you
In a touch and breath I move you


Carry my soul,
let me know that I'll be alright
I'll be alright
the same old lies are always told,
you need to let me go,
and I

ending : Fall weaker at my knees,
the thought of you leaving me,
black and white it's all so beautiful,
the thought of you leaving me

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