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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Title: Wrap my body. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Conversations at the tip of my tongue
broken promises within the sigh in my lungs
I'm too shallow, like a ocean full of misunderstood emotions
You see me as nothing more than a body
but I'm so many things less than that

Capture moments in your eyes,
to my hopeful, sinful surprise
I want to sail away forever
forever and a day

It's not that commitment that I'm afraid
it's purely, you
It's not emotions I'm not used to,
it's purely, you

I'll kick myself a thousand times
whilst I remember all your lies
sweet somethings to get me by
you're the king of the whisperers in my eyes

Chorus: Haunt my body,
and haunt my soul,
forever and a day I'll belong to you and love you so
for now, I'll wrap myself up
in you
imagination wins over my mind

Head over heels
heels over head
If I could remember all the things you said
tongue so sharp and cold it turns me
constant shudder presents my fear
I'm not so quick to judge
but is this what it should feel like,
you know, love?


Ending: Wrap my body up,
cut my soul right out and throw it into another world
Wrap my body up,
take me somewhere better
where I can be alone forever
and I'll never be hurt again
lovers end

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