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Friday, 13 January 2012

Title: This? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Restoration in the faith of myself,
I've expired, I'm uninspired
Promises of better days
I'm a liar, just a liar

Is it lust and is it fate that makes us feel this way?
is it hope of a brand new day that keeps us all alive?
I have so many rules I need to break
rules of vulnerability

Chorus: and I'm far away
set to fall another day
with you I feel so new
I feel like a person I used to know
and like the ocean I'm pulling you in
and I get weaker as the tides draw in
but this is all for you
all for you

Pull me back to shore,
show me the meaning of the world,
why would I need to know what this is?
this could be beautiful


ending: adapting to your constant show of emotions
you put it all on like the knowledge of my wrongs

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