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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Title: Darling light. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Your lips like sour  mandys
You take me home, take me home
You mind like leaves in the ocean
You guide me home
You guide me ho-o-ome

Sweeter than a lullaby,
More convictions than allabies
And I’m,
Swirling into a hurricane of your lies,
I’m swirling into your demise

Chorus: you guide me home
Where I belong
So I can catch my breath
You guide my home
Where I belong
So I can catch my breath
I’m the last string to your joy
You guide me home
And you bring me back for more

Stories more adventurous than for any child
We’ve been through it all
The ups and downs, oh yeah
Did I forget to mention,
I loved you well
And I really thought you did too


My darling light my darling fears,
Of days brighter than your eyes,
I’m sick and inspired of your petty lies
Take me back to where I was
A statue on a shelf,
Emotions that I rarely showed,
Carry it off perfectly through your health

Ending: My darling light, my darling joy
I’ve expired due to myself
This time you’re not cause
I got so tired
I got so sick
Of it all

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