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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Title: Empty boy. Written By : Eleanor Diplock

I'd capture you a thousand times
I'd set sail within your eyes
moments last forever, with you
I'll settle down until I'm told not to
Pick me up and throw me down,
I'm too used to this kind of love now,

your words are cutting through my skin
empty promises break my bones
grind me into a dust
it's not a compromise
for you its a must
take my hand
cut me away
free from your lies
forever and a day

Chorus: Hoping for the shore,
an easy escape route,
I'll sail away,
sail away from you,
this oceans not big enough for the two of us
it's alright,
this oceans not big enough for the two of us
I can see it in your eyes,
your nothing inside

I pray deep down you'll learn my ways
but for now it's always safe to say you're not sorry
the only time I've ever, ever said never is because

I've escaped,
from your lies,
from those eyes
from those eyes

I've let go
emotions I never knew how to show
they're coming for you baby


Ending: Bury me down
just like the others
bury me now,
just like the others
you know you know you know
you're too good for this,
bury me down just like the others
you've no respect just like your brothers
bury me
in another world

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