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Friday, 13 January 2012

Title: Inside. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

If I let you in,
would you softly speak kind words?
If I let you inside my head,
would I still be your beautiful girl?

I'm hopeless
so useless
when it comes to you
I'm hopeless,
so hopeless in and out of every night I lie with you

Chorus: Underestimated,
overpowering, my stench of fear is becoming
in my mind I am a fool
a fool
a fool
for you
love is overrated
loneliness is just a side effect of it all

Hold my hand and I'll
run away with the promises of tomorrow
our fingers feel the touch that we can't keep up


Ending: I'm just a young girl
trapped inside my own head
I'm just a young girl
wise yet twisted words left unsaid

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