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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Title: Seen but never saw. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Could I make it any more obvious?
Or should I just sit back and let nothing happen?
Is it my lack of common sense that throws you off?
am I asking too many questions?

They say that fate exists,
or is just love being lazy,
if you're ready,
I am ready,
if you're ready
I am ready to find you

Chorus: Filled with doubts,
you'll never become a regret,
for both of our intentions,
 you're the wisest I've ever met,
you catch on slowly,
but I'm ever so glad you've yet to have made me wept

I wait up all night just to hear your voice,
a shadow in my eyes I draw you closer,
closer than anyone's ever been before,
you say you're not much of a dancer
but neither am I
so let's not waste time, I wander
could we hide away forever?

A tingle in my stomach,
this feeling is returned,
memories come flooding back like another storm,
I shudder under covers of recent regrets
A tingle in my stomach
and we've apparently never met


Ending: I'll see you in my dreams,
where I wait impatiently to sleep,
I focus in on your smile,
it's all I need to get by

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