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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Title: Breathe me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've been
drowning in my emotions
whenever you're near
oh darling, your presence
brings me so much fear

Only I could
take myself and you away
Only I could
make this better in many ways

You don't understand
when you hold my hand
it's not commitment I'm after
just a laugh and a kiss and some tears
after all,
what are we? youthful disasters
breathe me in, blow me out just like a toke after a kiss

Chorus: Abundance of lust
I fear this emotion,
if I could I'd tear away the ocean,
it's the only escape,
the only way
away from you
away from you

So breathe me in,
blow me out,
this is all I'll ever be to you,
you're ungrateful,
you've everything everyone desires
abilities and choices burn brighter than fire
and I'm stuck,
I'm stuck,
I'm stuck,
between the two of you

Oh what have we here?
struggling to find a different way out
a way out of your heart,
you're too sensitive,
you opened up before I even thought about you
you let me in and now I can't seem to talk without you


Ending: so breathe me in,
drag me out
I'm just chemicals inside your lungs,
you'll soon regret the choices you made
anger went down with the sun

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