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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Title: Mind Games. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I have to leave
another excuse
I can't make it
another excuse
I can't shake this

The way I feel around you,
it's as though my soul is punctured into a cage
you have to let me go,
you have to let me go
help me forget
help me

Chorus: You said you would be waiting,
but all you're doing is making broken promises
that cast another scar upon my skin,
I'm over this, over you,
all over this city they say I keep trying to find you
a trail of lies and a trail of dust left behind from my imagination

you were never here

Am I confused to talk to myself?
am I misunderstood if I sleep next to my bed?
I'm over this, over you
wrap me in a box and send my body away
my mind left me ages ago and yet you've let me stay

Wounds won't ever heal
unless you leave them alone,
Wounds won't ever heal
unless you leave me alone


Ending: You should all know my head hurts,
from all this seeking and all of these games,
I can't find the answers I need and you are to blame
you were never here, so I play it all over again

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