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Friday, 13 January 2012

Title: Be my. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Whisper softly
into my heart
I kept both of you far apart
for good reasons
Speak so wisely
I'll follow you into the dark
where he awaits my arrival

I could keep this the way it is forever
but nothing lasts and nothing lives anymore
fresh as the daisies in the summer,
I'm a fool for you
I'm wilting at my knees

chorus: Tempt me kindly,
your stuttered voice is breaks my skin,
I absorb your love,
expiring as it reaches within,
Tempt me softly,
for I am weak

I've seen you before
you've looked so
beautiful and it's oh
so wonderful to see your eyes glow

you're warmer than the July sun
you shine brighter than a Hollywood smile
and it's so wonderful


ending: Be my wonderful,
be my,
beautiful thing,
be my,
lovely surprise ending.

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