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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Title: New, us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'm coming home again
to see your face
I've missed you
I've been away from a while
this town was awfully dim compared to him

I'm walking right away
to see this boy
he's had me in has hand for a while
the sky it shines so bright for us
the days they waste away because
we spend our hours drinking tea and conversing about possibilities
we never let the sun go down on unspoken happiness or love
when I'm with him I'm the best I could be
and I suppose that is a plus

Cause this boy he's got walking round in circles
he's got plenty of mind games
but I never said I didn't like them
Cause this boy's got me glowing like a star
I shine so bright when I'm away
when I'm new and better today

Chorus: You're so wonderful
you push past the barriers I set for myself
I have a lack of standards when it comes to love
but you
you push right past them by yourself

I wouldn't it call it love
but it's certainly fate
I never sat back for a minute,
you got me on my toes,
I know I know I know
there's no me no me without you

Hold my hand and take me for a walk
we could lie down no need to talk
with you there's no awkward silence
we just stare into each others eyes
and its like we've

been taken away, taken away
from all the shit we used to take


ending: I'm a new person when I'm with you,
I lack the courtesy to let you know,
I'm in lust with you
It's okay I know that you are too
you don't need to tell me
Cause I already know baby

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